No expectations.

For many years I refused to believe that everything happens for a reason.  There are some things, I would tell myself, that just shouldn't happen. 
Like a friend of mine dying at 19 years young in a car accident when I was 16 years old.
Like a brand new puppy Ryan and I traveled to bring to our home, dying of pneumonia 6 weeks later because he was born in a puppy mill.
Like my dad, at 63 years old, being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and early onset Dementia
Like a very good friend of mine's husband losing his job from a company he gave 18 years of his life to, without a shred of thought of his family.
Life as a way of humbling you very quickly.  For this reason I'm learning to have no expectations and take life as it's handed to you.  Stressing about certain things will get me no where, except to a place with more worry and heartache. 
Here's to focusing my energy on positive aspects of life and enjoying what's in front of me now.
Like celebrating 4 months of wedded bliss today!
Like my niece turning 7 years young this Sunday!
Like my husband being successful at his new job he started a month ago!
Like having three wonderful dogs that complete my heart.
I hope you have peace in your life and in your heart today and every day forward!

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