Grammys 2014 Recap

Since the 2014 Grammy Awards were on this past Sunday, and since I love looking at the gowns and seeing who won what award, and watching amazing performances (hello Beyonce and Jay Z and Macklemore..) I thought it would be fun to do another recap of my favorites.   

Alicia Keys
I thought Alicia Keys looked amazing!  I love the color, cut and style of this dress but I think what I love most is her hair with the dress.  It's so fun and care free and only Alicia Keys could pull this look off.

Amber Rose
I've always thought Amber Rose is gorgeous.  Just like Alicia, there are only certain woman who can pull of a shaved head, and she falls into that category.  Her make-up is always flawless and I love that she chose to cover up here tattoss!  I actually do love tattoos and don't have any problems with them, but I do think that it was a good move covering them.  And no jewlry or accessories?  Nicely done.

Miranda Lambert
 Um, can we talk about how amazing Miranda Lambert looks?  She's lost a lot of weight and looks so great!  I've always thought she was beautiful, and I loved that she was proud of her body at any size, but I have to say she looks stunning.  Kudos to Miranda.

Taylor Swift
I really liked Taylor Swift's dress choice.  It was fun, but still classy.  I read that it was quite heavy because it was metallic, but I thought she pulled it off well.  And I really loved her performance!  I'm not the biggest Taylor fan anymore; when I was 17 I loved her, but now that I'm 25 and she still sings the same type of songs, I'm kind of over it.  I do love the song she sang, however.

And in other news... The Bachelor Wedding! 

Sean and Catherine
Since the wedding of Sean and Catherine was on the same night as the Grammy's I actually didn't watch either on live TV.  I DVR'd both and watched them later (mostly because I hate am not a fan of commericals). 
I watched most of Sean's season but quit about half way through.  I believe his season was on when I was student teaching and I just didn't have time to watch it week to week, and I never took the time to catch up.  I have to say, I was shocked when I saw that he picked Catherine.  I watched a good portion of the show and in the episodes I watched, Catherine was never in them.  So, needless to say, I was surprised to hear he picked her.  
I love them together though, they're fun and goofy and I think they compliment eachother so well.  
I love a good love story!
I will say the night of the wedding, I fast forwarded through the show to the ceremony so I could see her dress and see her walk down the aisle, I just couldn't wait any longer.
Sean cried when he saw his bride walk down the aisle for the first time...holy adorable!

Happy Tuesday!  


Motivational Monday

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

This is something I admit I need to work much harder at: not worrying so much.  I'm naturally a worrier, but not as bad as my husband.  Sometimes my husband has a tendency to see the worst in a situation, and I'm constantly trying to have him look at the glass half full instead of half empty. 

This is all great, we balance each other out I feel, until I start to worry and stress too.  Sometimes I feel that because I have to be the rock or the one who stays positive about everything, that I don't get the privilege (if you can call it that) of letting my guard down. 

2013 was a rough year for Ryan and I, financially.  I student taught from January until May (meaning I had zero income coming in), and we got married in June.  Because of this, I didn't start working full time again until July, after we got back from our honeymoon.  Ryan was working at an auto dealership making very little income (thank you car business).  He also had a part time job at the airport working for an airline, which also brought in very little income.

We made it through fine; I feel it brought us together and made us stronger because of how little we were surviving on, but as I look back now on that year, It's absolutely crazy to know what we did survive on. 

Since Ryan got a new job in November of last year, we're in a much better place...but I still worry.

I'm constantly trying to chill out and realize that our life isn't the same as it was last year, but my whole life my family lived paycheck to paycheck so why wouldn't we be any different?  I think I've spent so much time crunching numbers and making sure each bill gets paid, that I'm just used to feeling like we're always drowning, even though we're really not anymore.  Thank you, Jesus.

I'm so thankful for the company Ryan works for now, and that a job change happened when it did; who knows where we would be today living like we were.  Miracles happen everyday, when you don't realize you need a miracle, but I'm so glad God was watching over us and put an opportunity in our life when he knew we needed it. 

I'll be forever grateful.

Happy Monday, and I hope your week runs smoothly!


What I'm listening to

As I sit here with the daunting task of switching my previous iTunes library from an old (practically non-working) computer to a new computer (seriously, does anyone hate this as much as me?), I'm listening to some old tunes that I haven't listened to in quite some time.

This song by NEEDTOBREATHE came up and I was instantly brought back to about 2 years ago when I came across this band and first listened to this song (to see if I should download the whole album) and I instantly fell in love. 

They're a Christian rock band (which I love!) and I honestly had no idea until well after I had bought the album and became obsessed with it.  I love a good band who can incorporate different types of music without sounding overwhelmingly like one type. 

Have you listened to any of their songs?  I highly recommend!


High Five for Friday!

It's that time of the week again, and I am so excited for that!
Another busy weekend planned, mostly fun, but some unexpected house projects to do as well.  We've had three unexpected 'issues' with our house over the past three weeks, and this last one is an emergent one that needs to be fixed. 
The joy's of owning an older home, right?

Linking up with Lauren today for this week's High Five for Friday.

I subbed this week again and that makes me happy!  I love teaching and I love gaining experience before I have my own classroom, but I'm ready for my own classroom.  
Lord, please let me get a teaching job this August. 


My little Hudson. 
Nothing exciting happened, but what's a high five for Friday post without an adorable dog picture?
Without a doubt, Hudson is the most affectionate of my three babies; always by my side and follows me everywhere.  My little shadow I call him! 

black and tan cavalier king charles spaniel  Hudson dog

I bought this devotional for daily inspirations and I'm so excited.
I've needed a little pick-me-up lately and I've heard wonderful reviews on this book from  fellow bloggers so I'm excited to get started.  

I'm going to dinner with some girlfriends tonight and I'm excited for good food and better company!  A best friend of mine since we were little girls is in town (she lives in Tennessee) so I got a group of girls together to enjoy each other's company while she's in town.  She is also pregnant, so her family is throwing her an impromptu baby shower on Sunday, so that will be fun as well.  She got married a month after I did and I was on my honeymoon when she had her bridal shower, so I'm excited to be able to celebrate her new baby girl!

Cheers to a great weekend!


Liebster Award...say what?

Exciting news over here! 

The lovely Katherine from The Katherine Nicole was so kind to nominate View From the Cornfields for the Liebster Award!  It's so nice to know that there are other bloggers out there who are just as new at this as I am and I love that it's a way for us newbie's to connect and expose other blogs who are just starting out.  I'm told that in order to be nominated for this award, your blog must have less than 200 followers.

Here are the rules when awarded the Liebster Award:
+give 11 random facts about yourself
+answer 11 questions from the person that nominated you
+nominate 11 blogs (with under 200 followers) and make 11 questions for them to answer
My 11 facts:
+ I have a degree in elementary education and can't wait to have my own classroom one day.  Hoping that day will come this August...
+If I didn't have a care in the world, I would move to London.
+I love teaching, but my absolute dream job would be to become a veterinarian.  
+I have a tattoo on my wrist of the year Ryan and I got married in roman numerals.  I absolutely love it.
+After buying a puppy from a puppy mil (unbeknownst to us), and putting him to rest 2 months later because he was so sick, I went to the ends of the Earth to shut down the puppy mil he came from.  I succeeded.
+Ryan and I can't wait to start a family one day, God willing.
+I love musicals! 
+I love reading and I try to read as much as possible. 
+I have a curved spine (thanks Dad) and if I were to have back surgery to correct the curvature (one day I will), I was told I would gain 4 inches in height.  I'm told no one notices my back like I do, but I disagree.  It's my biggest insecurity, by far.
+I had the same dog (a beagle, Murray) growing  up from when I was 3 years old until almost 18.  I don't remember the week he died because I've blocked it out, it was that traumatic. 
+My favorite kinds of movies are comedy's and thrillers.
Questions given to me by Katherine:
+ If you could spend a year anywhere in the world--where would you go and what would you do there?
I kind of answered this above, but I would go back to London.  I absolutely loved the lifestyle in London.  Waking up and walking to the tube (train station), walking to restaurants, etc.  It was a big city but didn't seem big once you got off your stop.

+ Where is your favorite place to shop?
Target and Ulta are a couple of my favorites.  Target has literally anything, and Ulta is my weakness.  I get in trouble at Ulta.

+ How long have you been blogging?
I started a different blog about a year ago, but deleted it because it became something I wasn't enjoying.  I started this blog is October of 2013 with the intent of enjoying it for myself again.  So far, I love it!

+ How did you pick your blog name?
Picking a blog name can be intimidating so I didn't want to think too much into it.  Since Nebraska has a lot...a lot of cornfields, I just thought it would be fun to say this is my view from the cornfields.  It stuck!

+ What are 3 things you can't live without?
My husband, my dogs and my niece >>we'll say family on that one and consider that one item.  So, my family, coke, and my USB drive. Ha!  I am trying to get a teaching job after all!

+ Would you rather fly or take a road trip to your vacation destination?
Fly, please!  Road trips are fun, and I enjoy them as much as the next person, but in order to not waste time I would rather fly.
+ What's your favorite comfort food?
Oh, Lord, this is easy.  Macaroni and Cheese.  I literally could survive on Mac and Cheese.  Any variation.
+Current television show obsession?
Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars and Revenge.
+What are 3 things on your bucket list?
Open up an animal rescue shelter for pets born into puppy mills, travel to Washington DC to visit museums and monuments from our nation's history, visit Bora Bora with my husband.
+Dog or cat person? Post a picture if you have one :)
Given that I've already talked about dogs a lot already, definitely a dog person!

+ Best way to spend a Saturday?
My husband doesn't have to work, go to lunch together, go do some shopping together and see a movie at Cinedine later that night. Swoon.
My questions for the new nominees:
+How did you come up with the name of your blog?
+What is your favorite movie?
+Name your biggest pet peeve.
+Describe the perfect date.
+What is your biggest fear?
+What is your biggest obsession?
+Who inspires you most?
+Describe yourself in three words.
+What is the best gift you've received?
+What beauty products do you swear by and can't live without?
+What is your favorite thing about blogging?
The lovely bloggers I nominate:


Him vs. Her

I thought it would be fun to do a little him. vs. her action to see how Ryan and I compare.  I sent him an email at work with the following items and just said "type your favorites in next to the item!"

My response is below our answers in italics.

Ryan: boots
Robin: Toms or boots (in the winter).  Every girl needs a good pair of boots...or 9.
*Am I right?

Ryan: Guinness
Robin: coke
*Shocker, Ryan and Guinness.  I do enjoy a good glass of Guinness every so often, however.  

Ice cream flavor
Ryan: vanilla
Robin: chocolate
*Good ol' opposites on that one.

Ryan: green
Robin: turquoise

Ryan: toffee
Robin: Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
*Never, in my life, have I seen Ryan eat toffee, or even ask for toffee.  Learn something new every day?

Ryan: country
Robin: country
*This is something we share in common and something that brought us together, originally.  We have many memories at country concerts, it's something we do regularly together.

Carrie Underwood, 2010 or 2011 maybe?
 Jason Aldean, 2013

On our way to Keith Urban, 2012 maybe?
Go to outfit
Ryan: jeans/ tee
Robin: Depends on the occassion like any woman!

Ryan: Famous Daves
Robin: Texas Roadhouse or
*Mmm, I was never a fan of Famous Dave's because I'm not a huge BBQ person, but when they started offering their mac and cheese that is heavenly, I'm hooked.

Ryan: Backdraft
Robin: Pretty Woman or Horrible Bosses
*Oh Lord, where do I start.  Ryan is a volunteer firefighter and has grown up with a father who was state fire marshal for many years, so fire fighting has always been a part of his life.  Enter: Backdraft.  He watches this movie over and over and over and over and over...and over again.  But I'm not different with my movies.  Pretty Woman has to be the most romantic movie off all time in my opinion.  And Horrible Bosses is a movie Ryan and I share a love for...it's hilarious.

Ryan: BBQ/Steak
Robin: Mac and Cheese.

Something you can’t live without
Ryan: you
Robin: Ryan...and my dogs.
*In no particular order... :) just kidding.

TV show
Ryan: Home Improvement
Robin: If we're talking of all time: Friends, Home Improvement; currently: Revenge, Pretty Little Liars and Breaking Bad.
*Home Improvement is a show Ryan and I are constantly watching together.  It's one of those, 'Nothing's on TV? Ok, just put an episode of Home Improvement on.' Friends is another all time fave, I can't believe it's been 10 years since it went off air! Holy old balls.  And my guilty pleasure is Pretty Little Liars...Ryan makes fun of me but it's so good!

Wake up time (m-f)
Robin: If I'm subbing, 630a; if I'm at the doctor's office 730a. 
*Um, hello we need to wake up earlier.

Way to relax
Ryan: watch movies
Robin: take a bath and read

Vacation spot
Ryan: Ireland
Robin: London
*This makes me laugh.  We went to Ireland and London on our honeymoon and I find it funny that his favorite spot was Ireland, and mine was London.  I am so happy that we decided to "go big" for our honeymoon and spend the money to travel to Europe.  I will forever cherish those memories spending our first few days as husband and wife traveling Europe together.  We're already saving for our next European trip!

Gouganne Barra, Ireland.  Beautiful right?

 Big Ben, London
Ryan: Christmas
Robin: Christmas

Ryan: football
Robin: Husker football!

Memory you and I have together
Ryan: our first Florida vacation.
Robin: our honeymoon 
*My dad is originally from Florida, so I have family that lives there.  Ryan and I had been dating about 2 years and he came with my family and I for a summer vacation.  This was our first time really traveling together so it was fun.  Ryan still talks about that trip!


Motivational Monday

I saw this idea over at Sprinkle of Glitter and I loved it!  I'm always looking for weekly posts that are fun and meaningful, and I love everything about a motivational Monday post.  I mean it's Monday, first and foremost so let's be honest, we all need a little motivation, am I right??


For me personally, I need to stay more positive.  Now more than ever.  It's so easy to think negatively and let yourself get bogged down with worry and things that are happening in life, but I need to remain postive and know that good things happen to those who wait. 

A good friend of mine told me recently, "All good things are worth the wait."

Here's to staying positive and always remembering that it will be worth the wait.


It's Friday, high five!

Happy Friday!  Glad this week is coming to a close; my husband hasn't been home before 830p once this week, so looking forward to a weekend together.  Another busy weekend planned though...but at least we'll be spending it together instead of me watching the clock waiting for him to get home!

I'm linking up with Lauren from The Lauren Elizabeth to share my five favorite moments of this week. 

Here we go!

1. As I sit here and complain that my husband worked a ton, I'm also very thankful for that.  Two months ago Ryan made a major career change and we are so fortunate that it has been successful.  He is happier, I am happier, so life is good.  The late nights still get hard, but lucky for me I'm very much an introvert so I honestly don't mind the time alone with the dogs.  I'm just grateful that this opportunity came along and that Ryan is loving it.

2. I got to see this little beauty this week :)  One of my good friends has a 6 month old daughter and she is absolutely ADORABLE.  I mean, look at those eyes?

3.  We finally were able to have my family's Christmas this past weekend.  Why, you ask, are we having Christmas in mid-January? That would be because every single person in my family had the flu (as in influenza, not the stomach bug) over Christmas, and this is literally the first weekend everyone has been well.  Talk about a rough Christmas.  Have you ever had influenza?  It's literally the worst thing, ever.  I'm all for some Rylee time though! 

4. My dogs were playing tug-o-war and it was just the cutest thing.  If you look closely, you can see Hudson staring up at the camera.  His face is so dark, and he has the brownest eyes, so sometimes it's hard to see him in pictures!
5.  I made this recipe last night for Ryan and I.  Seriously, can you go wrong with a Pioneer Woman recipe?  And then to top it off it's a grilled cheese sandwich?  Can't get any better.
I thought it was delicious.  I was hesitant to put the egg on it because I just felt the yolk would be too dry (I'm not an egg yolk person anyways) but it was delicious.  Ryan thought it was pretty good, but for Ryan that translates to "I love all food, so yeah it's good, but I won't be upset if you never make it again."
Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.


Because Bloglovin' requires this..

Please and thank you! :)


The Boy Behind the Blog

Never The Same Spice Twice

I thought it'd be fun to participate in The Boy Behind the Blog link up!  I love having Ryan participate in the blog, and I secretly think he enjoys answering silly questions :)

Below is a picture of Ryan and his BFF Hudson.  We have three dogs, and he loves them each equally, I know he does, but he holds a special place in his heart for Hudson.  We always say that it's fate Hudson is with us because we adopted a puppy from a breeder before Hudson, who ended up being very sick (because he was raised in a puppy mil, don't even get me started.  Actually, please do, I'd be glad to enlighten you on the absolute horrifying ways puppies and dogs are raised in those places.  But, that's a different post. :) ). 

Cooper passed away, and a few months later we got Hudson (who is the same breed and color that Cooper was).  So Hudson is Ryan's buddy, and I have many, many pictures of the two of then cuddling.

So, without further adieu...The Boy Behind the Blog!
My answers are in italics underneath Ryan's answers.
1. What was your favorite movie of 2013?
Horrible Bosses
For the record, Horrible Bosses was not released in 2013, it was actually released in 2011.  But, we literally watch this movie weekly.  It's probably my favorite movie, and that's saying a lot!

2. What is your all-time favorite movie quote?
"Big gulps huh? Welp see ya later!"
Dumb and Dumber, what can I say.  Do you see a trend with our sense of humor and movie choices?  We both can literally recite every line to this movie.

3. What is your favorite type of movie? (Action, scary, comedy, etc)
Of course!

4. What is your New Year's Resolution?
Lose weight
:( Ryan lost about 20 -25 pounds before our wedding because he had a second job that he worked from about 8pm to 3am, and then went to his full time job again at 8am.  I was student teaching during this time so we needed the income, and I have the most amazing husband to get a second job working CRAZY hours.  Because he had no time to do anything other than work and sleep 4 hours a night he lost weight, putting him around 200.  (He's 6'3").  He was so lean and thin, and since then has gained that weight back, plus maybe 5 pounds.  He's very unhappy with himself, but for the record, looks pretty damn amazing to me.  He's not overweight by any means, but he's very health conscience and wants to lose that weight again.

5. Finish the sentence: This year I will....

Lose weight.



Recipe Review: Pork Cutlets with Cranberry Wine Sauce


Holy delicious.

This meal was so yummy.  Super easy to make and my husband was raving over every single bite.  Ryan likes anything you throw his way, but for him to ooh and aah over every bite says something!

I must admit, I hate working with raw meat.  In fact, in our house it's just known that Ryan handles the meat.  I really am not a big meat eater to begin with so handling it is definately not my thing.  This recipe however, wasn't bad and didn't bother me too much.  There was no cutting of the meat involved, so I was good. 

Here is the recipe:

+ 1 tablespoon olive oil
+ 4 boneless pork chops, 1/2 inch thick
+ Salt and Pepper to taste
+ 2 cloves garlic, minced
+ 1 1/4 c dry white wine *
+ 1 1/4 c whole berry cranberry sauce **
+ 1 tablespoon thinly sliced fresh sage leaves
+ 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
+ 1 tablespoon chopped Italian flat leaf parsley

* I read a review that said the sauce was too thin, so I used about 3/4 c white wine instead.  This was perfect for the consistency we desired.  Just slowly add the wine in until you get the desired consistency.

** I made the cranberry sauce from scratch, as opposed to buying it in the can.  So much healthier and better for you!


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Season the pork with salt and pepper.  Fry in the oil until browned on each side, 2 to 3 minutes.  Transfer the pork to a baking dish, and place in the preheated oven.
3. Reduce heat under the skillet to medium and add the garlic.  Cook and stir until fragrant.  Stir in the wine and cranberry sauce.  Simmer for a few minutes until the sauce thickens slightly.  Stir in the sage and thyme.  Return the pork to the skillet and turn to coat with sauce.  Place on plates to serve and garnish with fresh parsley.

Cranberry Sauce
+ 1 c sugar
+ 1 c orange juice
+ 12 oz. bag of cranberries

1. In a medium sized saucepan over medium heat, dissolve the sugar in the orange juice.  Stir in the cranberries and cook until the cranberries start to pop (about 10 minutes).  Remove from heat and place sauce in a bowl.  Cranberry sauce will thicken as it cools.


Golden Globes Recap

In honor of the Golden Globes this past Sunday, I thought it would be fun to highlight some favorites (and not so favorites) gowns and moments of mine.
Am I the only one who loves watching these awards shows, and seeing what everyone chose to wear, winners, and the occasional awkward acceptance speech (hello Jacqueline Bisset..)?
Side story:  I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I'm kind of known for knowing all there is to know about anything celebrity related.  I just have a fascination for it I guess?  I'm constantly going to People.com, or Usmagazine.com and checking out the new news.  I just enjoy reading about entertainment, what can I say?  Don't even get me started on the royal wedding...I'm slightly obsessed with the royals and everything London in general.  Case in point, for our honeymoon I chose London.  Why wouldn't I?
Anyway, here's some gowns (and a few men..) that stood out to me this year at the Golden Globes:

Lupita Nyong'o
I honestly have no idea who this actress is, but she looked stunning.  That dress with her skin color is absolutely gorgeous.  Best dressed by far in my opinion.
Emma Watson
 I actually loved this ensemble Emma Watson wore.  I always love what she wears, she takes risks and I think that's great!  From the front the dress was kind of plain, but when she turns around, it's so fun and pretty!

Aaron Paul and wife
My husband and I are obsessed with Breaking Bad.  The week of the finale I kept hearing about everyone being so upset that the show is over, so Ryan and I decided to watch the pilot episode and see how we like it.  If we are intrigued, we'll keep watching.  If not, we won't.  Let's just say intrigued is an understatement.  Since Ryan works 65-70 hours a week we don't have much time during the week to watch, so we've dubbed Sunday's our 'Breaking Bad' day. 
For this reason I of course had to put Aaron Paul on my best dressed list!  He's such an amazing actor and I wish he would have won his category, but I'm happy Bryan Cranston did, and the show won as well!  How gorgeous is his wife as well?!

Margot Robbie

I thought this gown Margot Robbie wore was beautiful.  Simple and elegant and plays up her features nicely.  Plus, I chuckled out loud when she and Jonah Hill were introducing a clip from their film and the wrong script was put on the teleprompter.  They recovered so nicely!
Kate Beckinsale
Ok, so every couple has celebrities that they would allow their spouse to have a cheat day with right?  Mine would be either David Beckham, or JT.  My husbands is Kate Beckinsale.  I mean look at her.  She's stunning in everything she wears.  I absolutely love this dress.  The color and design is so fun, and the cut is gorgeous on her.  Well played Ryan, well played. 
I say "Cheat day" in good fun of course. :)
And for a few 'I would have chosen differently' dressed...
Paula Patton.  If you can't walk in the dress, don't get the dress! Especially if you're presenting!
Juliana Margulies.  The dress has potential, I like the color combo, but I'm not really wow'ed by this. I do like the neckline, but that's about it. 
Sandra Bullock.  Oh, Sandra.  I always love what she wears but I just wasn't a fan of this dress.  I'm just not a fan of the color combination or the material.  It just looks kind of bulky on her small frame.
 To be completely honest, there wasn't anyone that I felt looked awful or made me say, 'What in the world were they thinking?!", which is why I named that the 'I would have chosen differently' category. 
Up next, the Grammy's!


Gallery Wall

I've had the itch to do something with one of our walls that's pretty blank.  Since we have such a tiny house we have little room to work with.  I'm trying, Lord am I trying, to slowly take on this house and view it as ours, instead of Ryan's. 

(Ryan bought this house 5 years ago when he was 21...we were together but definitely wasn't viewing it as an 'ours' thing back then)

Now that we're married, I'm trying to really take pride in this home we share together, all 700ish square feet of it.  Small homes can be quaint, and I'm determined to make it that!

Here are some walls that are inspiring me to do a gallery wall in our home:

The one below is my favorite.  Maybe it's because it already has a 'W' in it, who knows ;)

I have some ideas I'm throwing around in my head to what to use in the gallery wall.  I want a theme of Ryan and I as opposed to random prints (which I love as well!).

-framed wedding photo
-framed honeymoon photo (landscape)
-letter 'W'
-map of some sort that means something to us
-marriage license
-framed key of first home we shared together
-framed photo of our dogs

The list could grow on and on, so I'll have to play around with that.

I will update as we work!



Am I the only one who has a dislike for the whole "New Year's Resolutions" concept?  I have yet to meet someone who has fulfilled their resolution  for the entire year.

I think it's the pressure you put on yourself to succeed that intimidates a person which ultimately results in failure of completing the resolution...that and life just gets in the way, am I right?

Last year I decided my "resolution" was going to be to take one picture a day and document on the blog (a whole different blog).  I did this for five whole months and then got tired.  I look back on the fact that I made it five months and get more upset with myself that I quit after five months...I was almost half way done!  But that's life isn't it?  Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, they do say.

This year I'm taking a different approach.

 I'm not setting one massive resolution, I'm setting several goals for myself.  Realistic goals that don't have to be practiced daily, because let's be honest, daily sets a lot of pressure, and I don't like pressure.

I thought about it and looked at parts of my life that I want to improve on.  Things that can make me better, for me. 

1. Keep up on household chores.
I will be completely honest, I SUCK at being a housewife.  I am not the wife who has laundry done at all times, I am not the wife who wears an apron while making dinner (although I do make dinner!), and I'm not the wife who dusts and mops and cleans every day.  I wish I was.  In fact, I've thought about going to see a hypnotist to see if they can make me that wife.  Don't get me wrong, my husband and I are clean people, but we're messy people. 

I fully believe it's how we were raised; both are parents worked full time and never made it a priority to keep a mess-free house.  I have friends whose parents did make it a priority, and now in their married lives, they have the most perfect, well put together homes.  I envy them.

Long story short, I need to be better at this.  I think our biggest set back is the fact that if we let one room get out of hand, then we let them all get out of hand.  That, and we live in a 700ish square foot house, with THREE, count them three, dogs.  There is simply no room to put anything.  No basement, no garage, no useable attic space.  No room!

2. Be better at making and bringing my lunch.
I've pinned so many great lunch ideas and I want to be better at bringing my lunch so I don't catch myself running to Subway or Burger King every other day.  More than anything I want to save money!  Fast food ads up to amounts you'd be ashamed to see if you knew it.

I will be better at this.

3. Exercise.
This is a hard one for me.  My husband works 65 hours a week so it's up to me to work out.  We had a gym membership this past year and in an effort so save 55 dollars a month, we cancelled it.  I'm afraid to renew anything because I don't want to get roped into spending money every month if we're not using it. 

Of all my goals this year, this one will be the most challenging.

4. Save money.
Ryan and I are spenders.  Again, I wish we could be those people who save, save, save, and only buy when necessary, but that's just not the case.  We work hard for our money, so we want to spend it.  I've looked into different methods of saving and we've decided to try the 52 week money challenge.  Heard of it? 

Here's the gist:
The idea is depending on the current week is how much you put in a jar for that week.  So, this being week two, I will put in two dollars this week.  Look how much you'll save by the end of the year!  Ryan and I hope to take it one step further by saving more than a couple bucks on these easy week. It will get harder I'm sure but by saving more early on we can help ourselves out a little. 

5. Attend church regularly.
I love attending mass with my husband.  He is Catholic, I'm not, but I love going and doing something together consistently.  We are homebody's that love to just hang out on the couch on Sundays, so getting up and ready for church can be challenging.  But I know how important it is to Ryan and his family so it's something we hope to be better at. 

Five goals, that's it.

Here's to 2014 and a wonderful new year as a wife. 


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