Road trip!

My husband and I are officially in planning mode for a summer vacation we're planning this July.  Yay!
We love to travel, it's kind of our thing. 
I wouldn't say we're crazy about it; we don't go to extravagant places very often, we just so happened to have gotten married last year and we've always known we wanted to go big on our honeymoon. 
I love an all inclusive resort just as much as the next person, but we wanted to do something that we may never get to do again.
Enter: Ireland 
Gougane Barra, Ireland

view from the top of Blarney Castle
Beautiful right?!
 and London:

Big Ben and Parliament
from the London Eye
At the wax museum in London.
 I had to :)
I have a lot of family in Florida because my dad was born and raised there.  The first vacation Ryan and I ever went on together was in the summer of 2009 to Florida.  Ryan and I went by ourselves and stayed with my aunt and uncle who have a condo on the beach. 
If you look at this post, Ryan refers to it as his favorite vacation we've ever been on.  He says that because he said it's the first vacation we ever went on together, and it's the first time he truly realized that we were going to go the distance and he wanted to marry me. aawh :)

parasailing together
won't ever do that again...just sayin.
I love going back to Florida; I mean who doesn't love sun and the beach?  But Ryan really loves it.  His family didn't travel to the beach every summer like mine did when he was a kid so he truly enjoys every ounce of it. 

Florida 2012
We decided that this year, we're going to go back to Florida, but we're going to take a road trip instead of fly.  Ryan is under miles (by a lot!) on his truck since he leases, so he has some miles to burn. 
Our plan is to stay a night in Nashville going down, and then stay in New Orleans a couple nights coming back, as well as Memphis.  We've never been to New Orleans so we're going to make a little mini vacation out of that and stay two or three nights there as well. 
I can't tell you how excited I am! I love road trips and I love the quality time with Ryan that we get when we go on mini road trips to Kansas City, so I think we're going to have a blast.
We've decided we're going to rent a condo together as opposed to staying with my aunt and uncle since we're going to be down there at least a week.  I love the idea of making dinner in a kitchen and then taking a walk after dinner on the beach as opposed to going out for dinner every single night.  Daytona Beach has some amazing seafood joints, but that gets a little old to me. 
I'm so excited for what's to come this summer for him and I.  Half the fun is planning, especially if it's a road trip!
Here's to making memories with my husband in these first years of marriage!
Florida 2012 -  view from my aunt and uncles condo: heavenly

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