It's Friday, high five!

Happy Friday!  Glad this week is coming to a close; my husband hasn't been home before 830p once this week, so looking forward to a weekend together.  Another busy weekend planned though...but at least we'll be spending it together instead of me watching the clock waiting for him to get home!

I'm linking up with Lauren from The Lauren Elizabeth to share my five favorite moments of this week. 

Here we go!

1. As I sit here and complain that my husband worked a ton, I'm also very thankful for that.  Two months ago Ryan made a major career change and we are so fortunate that it has been successful.  He is happier, I am happier, so life is good.  The late nights still get hard, but lucky for me I'm very much an introvert so I honestly don't mind the time alone with the dogs.  I'm just grateful that this opportunity came along and that Ryan is loving it.

2. I got to see this little beauty this week :)  One of my good friends has a 6 month old daughter and she is absolutely ADORABLE.  I mean, look at those eyes?

3.  We finally were able to have my family's Christmas this past weekend.  Why, you ask, are we having Christmas in mid-January? That would be because every single person in my family had the flu (as in influenza, not the stomach bug) over Christmas, and this is literally the first weekend everyone has been well.  Talk about a rough Christmas.  Have you ever had influenza?  It's literally the worst thing, ever.  I'm all for some Rylee time though! 

4. My dogs were playing tug-o-war and it was just the cutest thing.  If you look closely, you can see Hudson staring up at the camera.  His face is so dark, and he has the brownest eyes, so sometimes it's hard to see him in pictures!
5.  I made this recipe last night for Ryan and I.  Seriously, can you go wrong with a Pioneer Woman recipe?  And then to top it off it's a grilled cheese sandwich?  Can't get any better.
I thought it was delicious.  I was hesitant to put the egg on it because I just felt the yolk would be too dry (I'm not an egg yolk person anyways) but it was delicious.  Ryan thought it was pretty good, but for Ryan that translates to "I love all food, so yeah it's good, but I won't be upset if you never make it again."
Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

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