Am I the only one who has a dislike for the whole "New Year's Resolutions" concept?  I have yet to meet someone who has fulfilled their resolution  for the entire year.

I think it's the pressure you put on yourself to succeed that intimidates a person which ultimately results in failure of completing the resolution...that and life just gets in the way, am I right?

Last year I decided my "resolution" was going to be to take one picture a day and document on the blog (a whole different blog).  I did this for five whole months and then got tired.  I look back on the fact that I made it five months and get more upset with myself that I quit after five months...I was almost half way done!  But that's life isn't it?  Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, they do say.

This year I'm taking a different approach.

 I'm not setting one massive resolution, I'm setting several goals for myself.  Realistic goals that don't have to be practiced daily, because let's be honest, daily sets a lot of pressure, and I don't like pressure.

I thought about it and looked at parts of my life that I want to improve on.  Things that can make me better, for me. 

1. Keep up on household chores.
I will be completely honest, I SUCK at being a housewife.  I am not the wife who has laundry done at all times, I am not the wife who wears an apron while making dinner (although I do make dinner!), and I'm not the wife who dusts and mops and cleans every day.  I wish I was.  In fact, I've thought about going to see a hypnotist to see if they can make me that wife.  Don't get me wrong, my husband and I are clean people, but we're messy people. 

I fully believe it's how we were raised; both are parents worked full time and never made it a priority to keep a mess-free house.  I have friends whose parents did make it a priority, and now in their married lives, they have the most perfect, well put together homes.  I envy them.

Long story short, I need to be better at this.  I think our biggest set back is the fact that if we let one room get out of hand, then we let them all get out of hand.  That, and we live in a 700ish square foot house, with THREE, count them three, dogs.  There is simply no room to put anything.  No basement, no garage, no useable attic space.  No room!

2. Be better at making and bringing my lunch.
I've pinned so many great lunch ideas and I want to be better at bringing my lunch so I don't catch myself running to Subway or Burger King every other day.  More than anything I want to save money!  Fast food ads up to amounts you'd be ashamed to see if you knew it.

I will be better at this.

3. Exercise.
This is a hard one for me.  My husband works 65 hours a week so it's up to me to work out.  We had a gym membership this past year and in an effort so save 55 dollars a month, we cancelled it.  I'm afraid to renew anything because I don't want to get roped into spending money every month if we're not using it. 

Of all my goals this year, this one will be the most challenging.

4. Save money.
Ryan and I are spenders.  Again, I wish we could be those people who save, save, save, and only buy when necessary, but that's just not the case.  We work hard for our money, so we want to spend it.  I've looked into different methods of saving and we've decided to try the 52 week money challenge.  Heard of it? 

Here's the gist:
The idea is depending on the current week is how much you put in a jar for that week.  So, this being week two, I will put in two dollars this week.  Look how much you'll save by the end of the year!  Ryan and I hope to take it one step further by saving more than a couple bucks on these easy week. It will get harder I'm sure but by saving more early on we can help ourselves out a little. 

5. Attend church regularly.
I love attending mass with my husband.  He is Catholic, I'm not, but I love going and doing something together consistently.  We are homebody's that love to just hang out on the couch on Sundays, so getting up and ready for church can be challenging.  But I know how important it is to Ryan and his family so it's something we hope to be better at. 

Five goals, that's it.

Here's to 2014 and a wonderful new year as a wife. 


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