Golden Globes Recap

In honor of the Golden Globes this past Sunday, I thought it would be fun to highlight some favorites (and not so favorites) gowns and moments of mine.
Am I the only one who loves watching these awards shows, and seeing what everyone chose to wear, winners, and the occasional awkward acceptance speech (hello Jacqueline Bisset..)?
Side story:  I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I'm kind of known for knowing all there is to know about anything celebrity related.  I just have a fascination for it I guess?  I'm constantly going to People.com, or Usmagazine.com and checking out the new news.  I just enjoy reading about entertainment, what can I say?  Don't even get me started on the royal wedding...I'm slightly obsessed with the royals and everything London in general.  Case in point, for our honeymoon I chose London.  Why wouldn't I?
Anyway, here's some gowns (and a few men..) that stood out to me this year at the Golden Globes:

Lupita Nyong'o
I honestly have no idea who this actress is, but she looked stunning.  That dress with her skin color is absolutely gorgeous.  Best dressed by far in my opinion.
Emma Watson
 I actually loved this ensemble Emma Watson wore.  I always love what she wears, she takes risks and I think that's great!  From the front the dress was kind of plain, but when she turns around, it's so fun and pretty!

Aaron Paul and wife
My husband and I are obsessed with Breaking Bad.  The week of the finale I kept hearing about everyone being so upset that the show is over, so Ryan and I decided to watch the pilot episode and see how we like it.  If we are intrigued, we'll keep watching.  If not, we won't.  Let's just say intrigued is an understatement.  Since Ryan works 65-70 hours a week we don't have much time during the week to watch, so we've dubbed Sunday's our 'Breaking Bad' day. 
For this reason I of course had to put Aaron Paul on my best dressed list!  He's such an amazing actor and I wish he would have won his category, but I'm happy Bryan Cranston did, and the show won as well!  How gorgeous is his wife as well?!

Margot Robbie

I thought this gown Margot Robbie wore was beautiful.  Simple and elegant and plays up her features nicely.  Plus, I chuckled out loud when she and Jonah Hill were introducing a clip from their film and the wrong script was put on the teleprompter.  They recovered so nicely!
Kate Beckinsale
Ok, so every couple has celebrities that they would allow their spouse to have a cheat day with right?  Mine would be either David Beckham, or JT.  My husbands is Kate Beckinsale.  I mean look at her.  She's stunning in everything she wears.  I absolutely love this dress.  The color and design is so fun, and the cut is gorgeous on her.  Well played Ryan, well played. 
I say "Cheat day" in good fun of course. :)
And for a few 'I would have chosen differently' dressed...
Paula Patton.  If you can't walk in the dress, don't get the dress! Especially if you're presenting!
Juliana Margulies.  The dress has potential, I like the color combo, but I'm not really wow'ed by this. I do like the neckline, but that's about it. 
Sandra Bullock.  Oh, Sandra.  I always love what she wears but I just wasn't a fan of this dress.  I'm just not a fan of the color combination or the material.  It just looks kind of bulky on her small frame.
 To be completely honest, there wasn't anyone that I felt looked awful or made me say, 'What in the world were they thinking?!", which is why I named that the 'I would have chosen differently' category. 
Up next, the Grammy's!

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